Originally from the United States, I now live in England, where I spend a lot of time writing and reading books, because I am a graduate student (or in Brit-speak, a postgraduate). While I love doing all those things, there are other things I love, and think about (and need to do so to give my brain a break). Thus, this blog.

Some would say I watch too much TV. Others point out that no matter what I do, it’s really all about the food. Either way, they’re both right. But I don’t turn off my brain when I watch a show or a movie; I analyse, dissect, and invest in the story and characters. And my research is in a culture renowned for its food, showing that even when I’m studying, I’m making sure I’m having a delicious experience! These things become my escapes, my release from the pressures of academia. Without them, my research would probably shrivel and die. But if I feed one part of my brain (and stomach), the rest will flourish and thrive.

So here are my thoughts on TV shows from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Homeland to the guiltiest of guilty pleasures that I dare not mention here. Here, too, are my discoveries of that amazing little place hidden down an ally, around a corner, and up some stairs in Jerusalem, or the best panna cotta I’ve ever found. I might even post some recipes that I’ve found particularly mind-blowing. Films will make it on here, too, and maybe even the occasional novel (I do read for fun, but I write so much about reading for work that writing about reading for fun seems counter-intuitive). And when I discover the next musician I love that no one has ever heard of, you will be (close to) the first to know.

But everything is better when it’s a dialogue. So comment! Write me a long message back! Tell me why you think I’m crazy to love Battlestar Galactica (the new one– yes, Starbuck is a woman now, get over it). And we’ll start a conversation.


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